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Agricultural trailers

Polish manufacturer OtiumFarm is a brand from the Glinkowski Group, representing the production of agricultural trailers in the Group. The agricultural trailers production sector is the third area, apart from the production of excavator buckets, as well as sports and classic horse-drawn carriages, operating on the steel processing and treatment market since 1956. More about the Glinkowski Group – click the link.

The Glinkowski Group has been producing agricultural trailers for almost 10 years. From the very beginning, production activity was subordinated to the quality requirements and expectations of German agricultural producers, to which over 90% of manufactured trailers was delivered.


Engineering experience, high quality and production based on parts and components of well-known German manufacturers [including BOWA Stahlprofil sides, RINNER axles, MEFRO Metallwarenfabrik Fischbacher wheel rims] guaranteed seamless registration after prior individual approval in the German TUV Rheinland certification bodies.

The prestige of the Glinkowski brand, which has been operating in Germany for almost 30 years, has helped the development of agricultural trailers sales on the German market. The growing demand for trailers forced the reorganization of production structures within the Glinkowski Group and the separation of a dedicated OtiumFarm brand in 2015, offering in the Group only trailers dedicated to agricultural manufacturers.

 OtiumFarm - Polish manufacturer of agricultural trailers


OtiumFarm: Production of agricultural trailers on demand

Over the years, the trailers offer has been expanded [see the trailers offer – click], including with the possibility of finishing them according to the farmers’ individual requests. Components and structural elements of German manufacturers were complemented by domestic suppliers such as PRONAR [sides, wheel rims] and European suppliers, such as the Italian axle manufacturer ADR company, or the Turkish wheel rims manufacturer JANTSA. In addition, own designs were developed based on the Group's engineering staff, experienced craftsmen and highly robotic production facilities.

Polish manufacturer OtiumFarm specializes in the production of small, single-axle agricultural trailers with a load capacity from 1.2 tons to 6.35 tons. Two-axle trailers are produced in small quantities, on special order. Trailers can be ordered with standard or additional equipment. They have the option of coupling another trailer. 

All trailers are made in accordance with EU directives, have a CE certificate [See the EC Declaration of Conformity – click]. Due to the interest of agricultural machinery distributors operating on markets requiring approval, the company began the process of obtaining approval for manufactured agricultural trailers.

Currently, OtiumFarm produces about 200 single-axle trailers per year, and the so-called “customization” of agricultural trailers has become the trademark of the brand on the agricultural trailers market.

Polish OtiumFarm offer full customization of agricultural trailers


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